How to Paint with Rethunk Junk Products

1. Prep It! Spray The Prep onto your project - let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Wipe with a cleansoft cloth. No rinsing necessary. If project is super slick, wipe down with a scrubbypad and then prep again with a clean cloth

2. Paint It! No fancy brushes needed. Usually takes two coats. Don’t apply first coat too thick - this allows it to dry quicker and adhere fabulously!

3. Personalize it! After you finish painting and your project is dry you can personalize it! Do what makes you happy. Here are some options:

3 Simple Steps-

Distress it - I use an electric sander and 80-120 grit sandpaper-

Glaze it - Choose our Dark Glaze, Black Glaze or our Tintable Glaze (add any paint to make a custom glaze). Brush on your project and blend/erase with a lightly damp cloth and a gentle touch till you get the look you want.-

Seal it - We recommend using Tuff Top on horizontal or high use surfaces.

Watch me following these steps in the following painting tutorial